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September Gardening Tips

September Gardening Tips

As the days become shorter and a gentle chill fills the air, it's a time of transition in our gardens. September offers a golden opportunity to prepare for the changing seasons, ensuring a thriving and beautiful garden. From planting fall flowers and vegetables to rejuvenating tired plants, we have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share with you. Join us as we explore the essential tasks, tips, and techniques that will make your September garden shine.

Flower Garden

  • Plant spring flowering bulbs (perhaps leave tulips and hyacinths till next month)
  • Replace summer bedding as it comes to the end with winter bedding
  • Support tall flowers with supports
  • Reduce feeding of permanent container plants
  • Move tender plants under cover in cold weather
  • Plant and move conifers and evergreens

Kitchen Garden

  • Cover late crops of salads, courgettes and carrots with fleece/cloche
  • Sow overwintering onions and quick crops such as salad leaves and spinach
  • Plant spring cabbage plants
  • Continue to harvest produce as it is ready


  • Reduce watering and feeding of greenhouse plants
  • Plant early spring bulbs in pots
  • Bring in tender plants to overwinter
  • Sow hardy annuals for early spring flowers

The Lawn

  • Once the dry weather comes to an end scarify and aerate the lawn
  • Apply autumn lawn feed
  • Repair broken lawn edges and re-seed bald patches
  • Sow new lawns from seed, new turf lawns should wait until October

General Advice

  • Water and deadhead all plants
  • Cut out flowered stems of perennial plants to keep borders tidy
  • Get the compost going. Autumn clearing generates lots of compostable waste such as leaves


  • Continue to feed fish until the weather breaks
  • Give a final, light thinning of oxygenating plants
  • As leaves begin to fall, ensure the pond is cleared of fallen leaves on a daily basis

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