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Frequently Asked Questions

Kettler Garden Furniture

About Kettler

Kettler are known for durable and quality outdoor furniture, as well as the manufacture of fitness equipment and table tennis tables. As a UK based family company, employing over 50 people in their headquarters in Redditch and Worcestershire, they are all about providing a range of products to suit the British weather.

Their products range from classic metal mesh bistro sets to large rattan corner sofa and firepit sets. Whatever your space, you’re bound to find something to suit both your tastes and your budget. Kettler are dedicated to producing not only stylish, but quality items and all of their products come with a manufacturers guarantee.


Does Kettler Metal Mesh furniture rust?

All the Kettler Metal mesh furniture is treated with the THERMOGUARD+ dual finish coating. This coating is specially designed to keep your furniture looking great by withstanding anything the elements can throw at it along with preventing rust. Any scratches or dings in the paintwork will negate the effects of this coating and should be re-painted as soon as possible in order to prevent rust in the exposed area. Touch up paint can be purchased directly from Kettler.

How do I clean and care for my Kettler Metal Mesh furniture?

We recommend storing your metal mesh furniture inside over winter especially if the weather is particularly wet. We do not recommend covering your metal furniture.  If your furniture gets dirty, you can clean it using a clean sponge or cloth and using a mild washing-up liquid, do not use any abrasive cleaners or cloths/sponges. Make sure you thoroughly rinse off any soap residue and dry thoroughly. Using a good quality, clear car wax can also prolong the life of your metal furniture when used once a year. Please do not pressure wash any of your Kettler furniture.

Can I re-paint my Kettler Metal Mesh furniture?

We do not recommend painting your furniture, this will invalidate your warranty and will not offer the same protection against the elements as the original paint finish. If your furniture becomes scratched or chipped, you can sand down the damaged area and apply the Kettler touch up paint which is available to purchase directly from Kettler.

What is Kettler’s woven rattan furniture made from?

Kettler use synthetic wicker for their rattan furniture. This is more durable and easy to clean than natural rattan and when cared for correctly it should not fade.

How do I clean and care for my Kettler rattan furniture?

Caring for your woven furniture is easy – just use warm, soapy water at least once a year to clean your Kettler weave furniture (without the cushions), simply brush off excess dirt and dust first and clean using the soapy water and a soft cloth. Rinse off any soapy water and leave to dry naturally. Using the Kettler Wicker Cleaner and Protector (available directly from Kettler) is recommended to prolong the life of your furniture and prevent UV damage. Please do not pressure wash any of your Kettler furniture.

Should I cover my Kettler weave furniture?

Your Kettler woven furniture can be left outside all year round (without the cushions), however we do recommend protecting it with a cover during the winter months or when not in use. Tailor made covers for all the Kettler furniture are available on our website and in store. These covers will protect your furniture from UV damage and keep rain and inclement weather away. Please use breathable covers for your furniture – do not cover with plastic cover or sheets.

Does Kettler Garden Furniture have a warranty or guarantee?

Kettler’s wicker furniture is covered by a manufacturer’s 3-year Warranty and Kettler’s Metal Furniture is covered by the manufacture’s 3-year Anti-Rust Warranty.

All Kettler parasols, cushions and protective covers have a 12-month Manufacturing Faults Warranty. Please note that cushions and parasols are not designed to be left outdoors and should be stored away when not in use.

These warranties cover furniture for domestic use only and any manufacturing fault of the products. Any claim made will not be accepted without a valid proof of purchase.

Are Kettler’s cushions waterproof?

Although most of Kettler’s furniture is designed to be left outside all year round, their cushions are not waterproof and therefore should not be left outside when not in use or during bad weather. Kettler are dedicated to the making their furniture as comfortable as possible and they believe that the use of waterproof fabrics and fillings on their cushions detracts from the overall comfort of their furniture. As non-waterproof fabric is softer and the open cell foam (non-waterproof) in their cushions is also softer and more breathable, they consider this the better option over waterproof cushions.

How do I care for my Kettler cushions?

Kettler cushions should be stored inside when not in use and during inclement weather. If your cushions get dirty you can spot clean them using warm water and a cloth, please remember to remove the inner padding before you do this! For complete care you can also purchase the Kettler Fabric and upholstery care kit directly from them which will help you protect and keep your cushions cleaner for longer. Please do not machine wash your Kettler cushions and covers or store them under the protective cover of your furniture.

How do I care for my Kettler parasol?

Kettler parasols can be spot cleaned in place using a mild soap solution and a sponge or cloth. You can also take the canopy off to wash it more thoroughly by unscrewing the top finial and taking the fabric off the arms, you can then clean the canopy using soapy water and a sponge or cloth and leave to dry. Please do not machine wash your parasol canopy. When not in use please do not leave your parasol standing in the parasol hole and/or base as this can damage both your parasol and your table. Instead, please fold the canopy down and store your parasol in a dry place.

Will Kettler covers protect my furniture from discolouration?

Yes, Kettler covers will protect your furniture from UV rays and discolouration however please bear in mind that the cover itself will likely discolour over time. Kettler covers will also protect your furniture from rain and the breathable material will help heat escape – however covers will still tarp in some heat and if used in a damp location or on damp or wet furniture, this can cause condensation and mildew to build up. We would recommend checking on your covered furniture every so often and airing out when necessary. Please make sure your furniture is clean and dry before covering or storing.

Can I leave my Kettler furniture outside all year-round?

Your Kettler wicker furniture can stay outside all year, as long as it is protected by a quality cover and the cushions are removed and stored in a dry location.

We would not recommend leaving your Kettler mesh furniture outside all year, it is best to store it in a dry location when not in use and before the first frosts or in harsh weather. To prolong the life of your mesh furniture, clean before storing somewhere dry and do not cover.

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