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Frequently Asked Questions

Kadai Firebowls and Accessories

About Kadai

Kadai firebowls are part of the Wilstone brand which was established in 1995, with products inspired and sourced from the founder’s travels in India. The firebowls were inspired by seeing traditional Kadais used as cooking bowls over open fires in India and developed over time to become the multi-purpose firebowl and BBQ sold today.

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Where are Kadai firebowls made?

The firebowls are handmade and sourced in India, where they are crafted by artisans in family-run workshops. Wilstone have developed a personal relationship with almost all their suppliers and are passionate about making sure that the principles of fair trade are adhered to. They also believe in building mutually beneficial relationships between themselves and the craftspeople who make their products.

What are Kadai firebowls made from?

The majority of the firebowls are hand-beaten from one piece of thick steel, with the exception of the Recycled Firebowl which is handmade from recycled oil drums.

Do Kadai products come with a guarantee?

Your Kadai firebowl has a 1-year guarantee against manufacturing defects when used correctly with the use of Kadai Beads. This can be extended to 5 years by registering your product directly with Kadai.

How do I look after my firebowl?

Over time your Firebowl will take on a natural finish, this is part of the character of the bowl.

If rust appears then you can periodically use an abrasive pad on the bowl and stand to remove any loose rust, then apply a thin coat of Owatrol Oil. These products are sold in the Kadai Care Kit which can be purchased separately.

When not in use we recommend storing your firebowl somewhere dry and undercover, preferably protected with a Kadai Shield to prevent dust and debris from entering the bowl.

Do not light a fire directly on the bottom of your firebowl, instead use Kadai Beads and light the fire on top in order to protect the integrity of your firebowl.

Regular vegetable oiling of the grill will keep it in good condition.

How do I look after my Kadai metal cookware?

All of the Kadai cookware intended for food use is treated with a food-safe protected coating to prevent any issues during transportation. Prior to first use the product will need to be washed and then cured using a traditional process, outlined below:

  1. To remove the coating heat the cookware accessory to a medium temperature and then thoroughly wash in warm soapy water.
  2. Dry, then apply a thin coat of cooking oil.
  3. Heat the accessory again, but to a hot temperature (the oil may smoke a little, but this is just part of the curing process).
  4. Repeat this application process several times until an even ‘black’ coat is achieved.

Certain foods and time will degrade the oiled finish so his process can be repeated whenever required to preserve and enhance the non-stick finish. The more the item is used the better the non-stick finish becomes. We recommend handwashing all your Kadai accessories, avoiding the use of harsh detergents and putting the item in the dishwasher as this will remove the finish.

To prolong the life of your cookware we recommend washing after every use and drying thoroughly to a medium temperature to get rid of any moisture. Once dry wipe over the inside or cooking surface with a small amount of cooking oil; if storing for a prolonged period of time we recommend doing this on al metal surfaces of the product.

How do I look after my Kadai metal accessories?

Kadai metal items (ones not intended for food use) are designed to naturally rust as they age, this is part of the unique character of the product. To keep them in tip-top condition you can periodically use the Kadai Care Kit abrasive brush or wire wool/abrasive pad to remove any loose rust then oil the surfaces with vegetable oil. To preserve the life of your item we recommend treating the product with Owatrol Oil (found in the Kadai Care Kit) at least once a year and storing your metal products inside during winter or when not in use for prolonged periods.

How do I look after my Kadai wooden items?

Kadai wooden items are made from hardwood that is naturally going to change colour as it ages. This is normal and adds character and natural beauty to the product. If left alone the hardwood will weather to a soft silver/grey over about 6-12 months depending on the weather and climate. You can prolong or delay this process by keeping it under cover and dry (not under plastic sheeting or similar), cleaning regularly and conditioning with teak oil every 3-12 months depending on the condition of your item
Your wooden products will also change in texture if left outdoors for prolonged periods, again this is natural and part of the natural character of the wood, it may experience surface roughness, cracking and or splitting. If these natural characteristics are not to your taste, some of this can be reversed by sanding and re-finishing the wood.

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