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Our Environment

The Old Railway Line Garden Centre Ltd is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

Some key points we are focusing on:

Promoting Sustainable Gardening

Our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact extends to our gardening practices. We prioritize the creation of biodiverse gardens and strive to utilise natural resources whenever possible. Our passion for sustainability inspires us to reduce our footprint in the garden and promote eco-friendly practices.

Sourcing Sustainable Products

We are firm believers that local is best, and where possible use local & UK based suppliers, especially in our plant area and farm shop.  Where this is not possible we try and make sure that our product are made from sustainable sources from companies with and ethical commitment to the environment.

Rainwater Harvesting

We have 40,000 litres of storage for recycled water! In 2009 we installed a 10,000L rainwater harvesting tank to support our existing 10,000L above ground tank. During our new development in 2011 we installed two additional 10,000L storage tanks. This water will be used to water the plants throughout the year and has reduced our mains water consumption by over 60%.

Solar Panels

We have 318 solar panels on the roof our buildings! In 2011 we had 210 solar panels installed to the roof of the shop. This sustainable source of energy has greatly contributed towards electricity supply for the garden centre and restaurant. In 2023 we added an additional 108 solar panels to our Goods-In building, bringing our total to 318 solar panels.

Local Suppliers

We source food from over 60 local and Welsh producers! Our Farm Shop stocks products from producers all over Wales and Herefordshire. We are also very conscious about where our plants are sourced; over 25% of our hardy plants are grown just 25 miles away! And 50% of our bedding plants are grown 40 miles away (close for us rural folk!)

Reusing Packaging

In 2020, we invested in a cardboard shredder enabling us to reuse old cardboard as a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap. We also reuse any cardboard boxes we receive from deliveries to package our online orders.

Waste Recycling

Last year we recycled thousands of glass bottles, pots and printer toner cartridges; 80% of our rubbish is sorted and recycled. We see recycling and waste as one of the most important ways for us to reduce our impact on the environment. It is our responsibility as a business to focus on a sustainable future.