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September Chrysanthemum

September Chrysanthemum

These flowering perennials are native to Eastern Europe and Asia and typically grow to about 18 inches in height. The large, ornamental flowers produced can be a range of colours depending on variety. Chrysanthemums require little care to grow and can thrive in the home garden with only routine maintenance.

The Chrysanthemum is a welcome late summer and autumn showing plant perfect for beds and borders. ‘Pot Mums’ are a popular variety of the chrysanthemum which are perfect for pots and planters. The flowers produced also have the added benefit of providing perfect cutting material for floral arrangements.

Plant your pot mum in a sunny location but not direct sunlight if possible, this may fade the blooms. Fertilizing your plant just before it blooms will encourage the plant to grow the best flower heads possible. Remember to remove any spent flower heads; as the blooms die pinch or clip them off. This ensures all the nutrients and moisture available goes to the new buds and blooms, helping a longer bloom period.

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