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August Gardening Tips

August Gardening Tips

As the sun shines brightly and the temperatures soar, our gardens become a vibrant oasis of life and color. August presents a critical time for tending to our plants, ensuring their health and vitality in the heat.

Flower Garden

  • Feed and water camellias and rhododendron
  • Dead head roses
  • Weed flower beds regularly
  • Cut and dry everlasting flowers

Kitchen Garden

  • Harvest vegetable crops as soon as they are ready. Some ground crops are ok to stay in for longer
  • Cut and Dry/Freeze herbs
  • Keep vegetable garden well watered.
  • Sow early crops of carrots, peas, turnips, lettuce
  • Second early potatoes should be ready for harvesting


  • Ventilate the greenhouse and damp down during hot weather
  • Take softwood cuttings of fuchsia, pelargoniums and other frost tender plants to overwinter later this month
  • Increase feeding of tomatoes, remove yellowing, lower leaves
  • Harvest greenhouse crops regularly

The Lawn

  • Continue to mow but raise the height slightly during dry periods to keep the lawn looking lush and green
  • Don’t feed the lawn, water if absolutely necessary

General Advice

  • Water and feed the garden regularly
  • Dead head, water and feed your patio containers
  • Keep on top of weeds in the garden and borders
  • Top up water levels in ponds
  • Remove any old leaves from lilies before they start to decompose
  • Thin out excess oxygenating plants

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