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Top 5 Plants For Autumn Colour

Top 5 Plants For Autumn Colour

As the days start to draw in and the leaves on the trees are beginning to change, our gardens may also look like they need sprucing up and refilling with new pops of vibrant colour! Don’t let the colour fade away with summer… there are many ways you can keep bursts of colour showing in your garden throughout the cooler seasons. We asked Helen in our plant area to pick out her top 5 favourite plants for Autumn colour and these are her recommendations…


  1. Pansies: Our Pansy Plants grow quickly and strongly, making them perfect for containers or beds. These resilient blooms are not ones to shy away as the seasons change. With their remarkable ability to withstand the chill, they emerge as beacons of colour through autumn and winter!



  1. Cyclamen: Cyclamen are another brilliant addition to the autumn garden as they provide contrasting colour to the usual Autumnal hues. Beyond their aesthetic charm, cyclamen are resilient souls that thrive in cooler temperatures.


  1. Asters: Aster Starletta Pots are a true gem of the autumn garden; the flower heads emerge like a burst of fireworks against the fading summer backdrop! It’s dainty blooms, reminiscent of stars, sprinkle the landscape with pops of vibrant colour! As other flowers bow to the cool embrace of autumn, the Starletta stands tall, adorning the garden with its rich purples, pinks, and whites.


  1. Solanum Venus: The Solanum Venus is distinguished by its petite gatherings of ivory-hued, star-like blossoms, eventually yielding fruit in shades of red, yellow, or orange. Colours which perfectly complement autumn’s pallet! These plants are well-suited for areas receiving full to partial shade, Solanum 'Venus' thrives when positioned toward south-facing or west-facing orientations.


  1. Capsicum Annuum ‘Joker’: Also known as ‘Pepper Plants’, this botanical marvel beckons autumn’s arrival with a vibrant symphony of colour. As an outstanding choice for ornamental purposes, 'Joker' presents a captivating alternative to traditional houseplants, as well as bedding plants in warmer months. The striking shades of the pepper, not only adds visual drama but also serves as a reminder of the season’s richness and beauty!


So if you’re looking to add colour to your autumn garden, those are our Top 5 Plants For Autumn Colour, to keep your garden bursting with vibrant colours all the way through the year. Embrace the season’s transformation by incorporating these colourful wonders into your landscape, and watch as nature weaves its autumnal magic.

Happy gardening, and may your autumn be a symphony of colour and joy!

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