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‘Plant of the Moment’ – Conifers

‘Plant of the Moment’ – Conifers

‘Plant of the Moment’ – Conifers

Conifers are trees with unique scale-like leaves or needles and their seed-bearing cones are easily recognised. Conifers are a wonderful way of adding colour and structure to your garden and as most varieties are evergreen; conifers provide interest all year round, particularly through the bare winter months. There is an amazing choice of different shapes and shades which can grow into large, often very fast-growing trees, although there are many dwarf varieties including effective ground cover plants. Many conifers make good hedges too.

From a small balcony with room for a container, to acres of grounds with space, conifers can add something truly special to any garden. A potted conifer can be used to brighten up a doorstep or balcony, whilst planted conifers can create height and add fantastic accent pieces to any garden. Conifers can offer a way to add something new and interesting to the garden at what is seen as a traditionally quiet time. Being hardy, easy to care for and long-lasting, conifers are the ideal choice for the for the margin gardener looking for a low maintenance but high impact plant.

Providing you select the correct size for your garden, conifers require only a little pruning and watering. Autumn is an ideal time to plant new conifers to establish themselves early and get through the winter before sprouting earlier and stronger in spring compared with conifers planted in spring. Feeding your conifers annually in April with a Blood, Fish & Bone fertiliser will increase the growth rate and enhance the colour of the foliage.

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