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November Gardening Tips 2019

November Gardening Tips 2019

Embrace the beauty of autumn and prepare our gardens for the coming winter. As the leaves fall and temperatures drop, it's time to embark on essential tasks that will ensure a healthy and thriving garden in the months ahead.

Flower Garden
– Continue planting tulips and hyacinths
– Divide perennials
– Protect young, tender plants from wet and frost

Kitchen Garden
– Plant garlic bulbs
– Continue to plant fruit trees
– Plant summer flowering raspberry canes and other soft fruit

– Ventilate the greenhouse well on sunny days
– Reduce watering to a minimal level
– Grow windowsill salads and herbs

The Lawn
– Keep off the lawn as much as possible to prevent damage when wet
– Lay turf if required
– Clear up leaf fall on the lawn

General Advice
– Carry out any winter digging or forking over
– Check for any plants that may be damaged by frost and move undercover or inside

– Clean pond filters and pumps if required
– Net off any leaf fall to prevent decomposition in the water

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