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Growing Community Spirit

Growing Community Spirit

We have collaborated with Three Cocks Matters Community Group in a project named 'The Big Bulb Giveaway' meaning that 300 households in Three Cocks are set to experience a burst of spring colour with a donation of daffodil bulbs!

Nick Pritchard, representing Three Cocks Matters, expressed excitement about this special initiative stating, “We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Three Cocks Matters Community Group and The Old Railway Line Garden Centre. Our aim is to add a vibrant touch of spring to our beautiful community while also benefiting our biodiversity. We hope everyone comes together to make our community bloom with these cheerful yellow flowers.”

As part of this initiative, we have provided a handful of daffodil bulbs to 300 households in Three Cocks with support from Kapiteyn. The cheerful yellow flowers are sure to bring a sense of joy and renewal to the community.

Our Operations Director, Katie Eckley added, “As an independent garden centre, we are passionate about not only our impact on the environment but also doing all we can to provide for our local community. We’d like to also thank Kapiteyn for helping us make it possible to donate enough bulbs for 300 households. We’re delighted to be part of this initiative and can’t wait to see the results in spring.”

This collaborative effort not only promises to enhance the visual appeal of Three Cocks but also serves as a symbol of community spirit and environmental stewardship. Residents are encouraged to participate in this blooming endeavour and share the joy of spring with neighbours. 

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