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March Gardening Tips 2022

March Gardening Tips 2022

March has quickly come around meaning Spring is on the way! This month we can finally start planting some colour into the garden.

Flower Garden

  • Plant container grown trees, shrubs, climbers and roses
  • Prune and tidy up bush, patio, climbing and ground cover roses
  • Plant and divide perennials
  • Brighten up your pots with pansies, primulas and spring flowering bulbs
  • Move any deciduous trees or shrubs with as large a root-ball as possible before they start into new growth

Kitchen Garden

  • Prepare the soil and then make the first sowings of lettuce, rocket, radishes, spring onions, leeks and early varieties of carrots and peas
  • Plant early crops of potatoes in pots undercover; plant first earlies outdoors towards the end of the month
  • Plant rhubarb, container grown fruit trees and bushes and strawberry plants
  • Sow hardy herbs and plant and divide perennial herbs


  • Keep heating the greenhouse and water sparingly
  • Sow tomatoes, chillies, sweet peppers and half-hardy annuals / bedding plants in a heated propagator
  • Pot up plug plants and young plants as soon as you have purchased them
  • Plant early crops such as summer cabbage and cauliflower in pots

The Lawn

  • Deal with worm casts and molehills
  • Make the first cut if dry enough and continue to mow regularly, gradually reducing the height of the cut
  • Redefine lawn edges
  • Lay turf before the end of the month if you didn’t in the autumn

General Advice

  • Remove weeds and moss on paths, patios and drives
  • Spring clean the garden, fork over the soil in garden and borders, weed and mulch
  • Clean pond filters and pumps and begin to feed fish if weather is warm enough
  • Continue feeding the wild birds, ensure you clean feeders regularly and provide a fresh water supply

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