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March Daffodils

March Daffodils

‘Daffodils, that come before the swallow dares and take the winds of March with Beauty’
– Shakespeare.

Is there anything better for Spring than the cheerful blooms of the Daffodil working their magic in so many parts of the garden? Easy to grow and flowering year after year Daffodils come in all sizes, several colours and different varieties, flowering over a long period from January to April.

Dwarf varieties such as the multi-headed ‘Tete a Tete’ work really well in pots, baskets, in a rockery or under trees and shrubs. Larger varieties make a bold statement in beds and borders.

Daffodils will grow in most soils and thrive best in sun or shade. If you missed out on planting your bulbs last autumn your local garden centre will have pot grown plants for planting out now. They should be allowed to die down naturally and fed as the flowers finish so they build up energy for flowering the following year.

So transform your garden with a much needed fanfare of colour in the early part of the gardening season and don’t forget that Daffodils also work brilliantly with other spring bulbs, Primroses, Wood Anemones and flowering shrubs such as Forsythia.

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