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January Cyclamen

January Cyclamen

Outdoors in January the autumn cyclamen for pots, troughs and baskets, will have finished their flowering but should still be displaying their attractive, marbled-patterned leaves. They can be planted out into shady parts of the garden in spring and have every chance of flowering again next autumn. In the garden itself the much smaller flowered Cyclamen hederifolium, the ivy-leaved cyclamen, produce their pink or white flowers in August to November and by January they will also be showing off their patterned leaves, every plant have a different pattern. However, it is after Christmas that Cyclamen come with their heart- shaped leaves start to burst into flower. Both of these species prefer a shady position beneath trees and shrubs and if left undisturbed will seed around and eventually produce large areas of attractive flowers and leaf where other plants struggle to grow well.

Indoors in the winter the more flamboyant, large flowered Cyclamen persicum hybrids take centre stage. Their flowers come in all shades of pink as well as red and white, some are frilled, others are scented. They prefer cooler areas in the house and are best watered by placing them for a few minutes in a water tray and then allowing to drain before placing back into their pot covers. They can be kept in best condition by removing yellowing leaves and by twisting off spent flower stalks as low down as possible.

Bring some colour to your home and garden with these delicate blooms.

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