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Bumper Crop From Talgarth Primary

Bumper Crop From Talgarth Primary

Last Thursday (19th July) local primary schools met at the Old Railway Line Garden Centre, to hear the winner of this year’s school growing competition.

Director, Mark Cleary said “This year we launched a competition for local primary schools to inspire pupils to get involved in gardening and teach them about growing food at home. We set five schools the challenge to grow potatoes, promising the winning class from each school a prize for the heaviest crop.

“We donated the required tools, compost and seed potatoes to get each class started and gave them the required information and advice needed to take part. It’s been a great project and very rewarding to see so many local children enjoying gardening at school.

“It was a great pleasure awarding Talgarth Primary School with the new ‘Growing Young Gardeners’ trophy, which will be awarded each year to the winning school. Class Derw managed to grow the heaviest crop giving their school the title for 2018.

“The award ceremony also gave us the opportunity to thank each school for taking part and award vouchers to be spent at the garden centre for future gardening projects. We are already looking forward to next year’s competition and we hope the pupils of each school are too!”

For more information about the Old Railway Line Garden Centre please call 01497847055.

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